Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

So, it's early fall and Kiki and I decided to take a lil' mini-vaca. to Cape May. What a beautiful beach town we discovered. So much going on in this small town, even after the "Summer Season" is over. Although this time of year things shut down a bit early, be prepared. Beautiful Beaches, Waves, 3 Wineries, Sights, History, Artists, Great Restaurants, Fresh Seafood, etc.,etc., I could really go on. A bike is a must. Their are plenty of hotels/B&B's, but, we stayed at the Congress Hall, it's right on beach and it's AMAZING on all respects. On the way back to the city we drove along the coast up to Atlantic City and then jumped on the Garden State Parkway and headed home. That ride up the coast was very quiet, Ghost town after ghost town. Filled, and I mean filled with empty hotels and condo's. It was so weird. They say in the summer it's just jam packed with no parking. We snuck into a closed amusement park and walked some empty boardwalks/beaches. We had a great lil' escape, now here comes winter. Here's a peek inside our trip. Enjoy and go take a trip yourself...

Love & Respect,
Tony & Kiki

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've been psyched about this Quiksilver Pro NY 2011 since they announced back in January. The
largest purse in professional surfing history. HERE IN NEW YORK. Well, it didn't disappoint. Great
waves, great surfing and a goofy-foot won. I was lucky enough to see two days of competition. Here's a slideshow I put together...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

 Rockaway Beach, NY 8/29/11  photos by Kirstin Rizzi
Caster Surfboards. Wow. I always wanted a Caster. For my first brand new board I put money down on a Caster and put it on a layaway plan. Totally remember the thing. 5'8" twin fin, pintail (I'm sure it had "wingers") brown airbrush with some 70's rainbow fade. Before I scooped it out of Aqua East Surf Shop, ya know when it was on the other side of Atlantic Blvd. It was super small and Dan Brooks was doing ding repair in the back. Well, I started surfing at the end of my Street when I lived in Atlantic Beach, FL . Which was pretty much Strickland Rats territory, a division of Rattown. I would see these surfers (Strickland Rats) at school and came to realize they were the coolest kats, er uh rats around. I wanted to hang out with those guys for sure. They had the girls, cool clothes, the swagger, they were "it" in my book. They were also older so I knew I had get creative to get their attention. First I had to get a Strickland Surfboard, but I had money down on the Caster. Fudge. I went up to Aqua East, told Sandy and Vai I got in trouble and couldn't get the board, Sorry bout' that, and I immediately when up to Strickland Surf Shop to put my money down. Russel Easton was working there, he went to my school, lived on 4th St. and most importantly he was a Rat.  he took me through the rack of boards and we chose a 5'8" clear double wing pin, twin fin. Blue logo with blue fins. Nice! The Strickland Rats soon noticed me at school and in the line up out in the surf, and totally took me under their wings, er uh rat paws. Ha! Changed my life forever. Thank you Russell, Lang Sheppard, and Chris Coombs. They turned me on to cool music, took me to parties and gave me the confidence to "Go For It" and just be me.
 My mom ended up surprising me and got my board out of layaway early, before my birthday. I also saw that Caster that got away. A kid on 10th St got it and ripped on it. I still have never got a Caster. Bill Caster has past, and they haven't been made in a long while. If you have one cherish it, they're soooo cool.
 I saw this Caster in a "Surf" bar in NYC, stirred up some memories to say the least.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

love this band, was fortunate to sneak up front and snag some pictures.thanks Jason Weilminster for the hook up, and Kirstin Rizzi for the push. if you don't know about the BLACK ANGELS. do yourself a favor and get to know'em. THEY'RE AWESOME!